Wanna Know My Political Stance?

Religion and politics.  There are just some things that you don’t bring up at family get togethers.  Why?  Because everyone has an opinion, and those opinions can carry a lot of emotion.  


With the presidential election less than a month away, I’ve been asked recently about where I stand politically and I have refused to indicate my position.  There’s a reason.

My passion and goal in life is to expose people to the love of God and the message of salvation through His Son, Jesus.  I don’t want anything to get in the way of that message.  Because politics are so divisive, a publicized stance in one direction or another may shut down an opportunity I have to share the gospel with someone.  

So here is my political stance…and it’s one that I believe every follower of Christ should adopt:

  1. PRAY.  Spend some substantial time on your knees in prayer seeking God’s wisdom for your decision.  I would go so far and say that if you haven’t prayed about your voting decision, do not step in to the voting booth. 
  2. LOOK.  Do not take one candidate’s “facts” over another’s as truth.  The political world is a business and there are tons of behind the scenes people who know how to advertise to a largely uninformed voting populace.  Try some non-partisan, non-biased organizations to check the facts for yourself.  Get informed.
  3. VOTE.  Exercise your constitutional right as a responsible American citizen and make a choice.  And this is not so you can complain later!  People died to protect this freedom and we should honor their sacrifice and do our part.  DO NOT DO THIS STEP UNTIL YOU’VE DONE STEP 1.  
  4. SUPPORT.  Once the nation has spoken and a leader is elected, support and submit to his leadership.  Even if you don’t agree with him or like him or believe him, he will be our president.  Romans 13:1 commands Christians to submit to the governing authorities that God places over us.  Yes, that GOD places over us.  
  5. RELAX.  Read the last sentence of number 4 again.  Yes, God allows leaders to have their positions.  God is in control.  God is sovereign.  Let God be God and you be the vessel of His love and grace and mercy.  

If more Christians were as passionate about Jesus as they are about politics the world would be a much different place.  Should we take public stands?  Absolutely.  Should we encourage healthy debate?  Of course.  However, let’s not make the mistake of getting so emotionally overwhelmed that our love is overshadowed by our competition.  May we be known as people of grace and peace rather than contention and divisiveness.  Democrat.  Republican.  Tea Party.  Independent.  Every person is someone for whom Christ died.  I refuse to let a label keep me from the appointed task that God has for me.    

In politics, they call it mud-slinging because everyone ends up covered in mud and dirty.  As Christians, Christ came and died to make us clean.  This election season, let’s make the choice to leave the mud on the ground.    

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