Society’s Conundrum…Again : What is “Life?”

Last week in Orlando, a man named Michael Boyce was arrested for killing his wife.  She was pregnant with twins and one of the babies died.  Boyce is being charged with the murder of his wife and could face charges for the murder of his unborn son.

This tragic story surfaces yet another quandary that our society must face: when does life begin?  I recognize that there are passionate people on both sides of the abortion debate.  However, regardless of the side you choose, there is a problem in our society regarding the nature of life.


“When does life begin?” Both options create issues within our culture.

Here’s the struggle: If life begins at birth, Boyce should not face murder charges for causing the death of his “yet to take a breath” son.  However, if life begins at conception then Boyce should absolutely be held accountable for his act.  So which is it?

There are problems on both sides of the issue.  If, as a society, we hold that life begins at birth, then any person who willingly or unwillingly causes the death of an unborn child should not be held accountable for that death.  But if our society decides that life begins at conception then we will open the proverbial Pandora’s Box in the abortion debate.

Now, I obviously hold a deep conviction as to when life truly begins based on what God has said in the Scriptures.  I have also walked with distraught mothers-to-be who have faced the incredible heartache and pain of having to make a decision that was not borne out of convenience or birth control.  I recognize that there are very real and passionate emotions on both sides.  But Michael Boyce’s murder charge has caused us, yet again, to revisit our society’s, and ultimately our judicial system’s, definition of life.  We have to make a decision.  By the nature of the argument, both sides cannot be upheld as enforceable.

As for me, every single life has value: not because a society ascribes value to life or because a court ruling establishes worth to life, but because every single human life, whether he/she has taken a breath or not, is a life for whom Jesus Christ died.  Jesus died to pay for the sins of every person who has ever lived which gives every single person who has ever lived immense value.  In fact, it is a value that is far beyond anything we could ever contrive in our limited thinking.

I am so overwhelmed with the fact that I am loved and valued so much by God that He was not willing to allow me to pay for my own sins and spend a life and eternity separated from Him.  So, showing me just how much value I have, He sent His Son to die in my place.  Therefore, all life has value.  Sometimes we just need to be reminded of that.

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