Seashells Were Not Good Enough

My family and I spent our Saturday on Cocoa Beach watching the Cocoa Beach Air Show.  We traveled over the night before and had a chance to take a night stroll out on the beach.  Wendy and I walked at the edge of the water while the boys searched for seashells.  I was using a small light on my phone in order to see the ground.  We had walked maybe 150 yards down the beach when we spotted a huge crab!  He was carrying a piece of seaweed.  Our kids loved it.  He was white…but almost translucent.  As we got closer he began moving at a rapid pace towards the ocean.  Once he disappeared in to the surf my boys had a new task that seemed better than finding seashells: finding every crab they could.

As we turned around and began making our way back to where we entered the beach, we saw over 20 crabs!  In fact, we got to a point where we could see them way off in the distance and barely illuminated by my small phone light.  We had not seen any of these crabs on our initial walk down the beach.  But at this point, our eyes were tuned in to seeing those little silhouettes on the sand.  And they were everywhere!  Big crabs and small crabs that could barely be seen.  How did we miss them on our initial walk?  It was because we were not looking for them.

As followers of Jesus, we can experience the same thing in our lives.  There are times when you just live your day to day routine and miss areas where God is at work.  You can get tied up in the mundane and miss the extraordinary.  Life becomes a survival contest; just trying to “make it” through the day only to start over again in the morning.  Meanwhile, God is at work all around us in remarkable ways.  We just have to tune our eyes to see His silhouette.

But there’s a deeper application to this.  As a follower of Christ, my goal is to become more like Him.  His priorities become my priorities.  His love for others becomes my love for others.  His mission becomes my mission.  But if I get caught up in “me” then I tend miss the sound of His voice.  I miss it when He tells me who I am.  I miss it when He shows me where I am wrong.  I miss it when He directs my way.  Bottom line: I have to keep looking in His direction if I want to continue seeing and hearing from Him.

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” – Jesus, John10:27.  If God feels like He’s far away, who moved: God…or you?  It may be that you were satisfied with finding seashells when you could have seen the wonder of a crab’s life unfolding in front of your very eyes.

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