Need Encouragement? 3 Things To Consider

The world is full of discouragement. Most people go through an entire day without so much as hearing a kind word or an “atta boy.” Why?

1. BECAUSE DISCOURAGEMENT TAKES NO EFFORT. You never have to think about what you’re going to complain about, right? You’ve never had to sit down and go, “now, I need to word this hate mail just right.”

2. BECAUSE MY NEEDS ARE OFTEN UNMET. It’s hard to be encouraging when you’re discouraged. When your needs aren’t being met, it’s hard to help others because we simply don’t have the energy.

3. BECAUSE ENCOURAGING OTHERS MEANS I HAVE TO TAKE MY EYES OFF OF ME AND MY NEEDS. Let’s be honest: I’d rather keep focusing on what I’m NOT getting rather than check to see how you’re doing. But a culture of encouragement requires more.

So is there a way to create a new culture of encouragement where you work? It’s possible for one person to influence change and build the environment you desire. Here’s what to do:

1. EXERCISE YOUR GENEROSITY. Acts 4:36-37 introduces us to a guy named Joseph whom the apostles nicknamed, Encourager…or “Barnabas.” His first recorded act in the Bible? He sold a piece of property and gave it to the apostles to use to advance the gospel. Generous people see others and their needs instead of focusing on their own. So find ways to become more generous…not just with your money.

2. BELIEVE THE BEST IN SPITE OF THE WORST. It’s easy to always think the worst of everyone in our culture. Encouragers who create encouraging environments see others with the best of intentions. This doesn’t mean you go through life with rose colored glasses but it does mean you give people the benefit of the doubt when you don’t have all the information.

3. ENJOY BEING ENCOURAGED AS YOU ENCOURAGE. Encouraging people encourages you. When you make that call or send that text and it’s just to say, “hey, I believe in you,” it can change your day. Try it.

In a world of constant negativity and criticism, it’s possible that the encouragement you crave would come if you create the environment for it. And I believe you can!

Pastor J

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