Love Conquers Hate…Until THEY Show Up

The events of the past week in Orlando have displayed the worst of humanity and the best. When a religious extremist walked in to a local nightclub and opened fire, he unknowingly created a movement. That movement has been one of a refreshingly different conversation. Love conquers hate. It is a wonderful sentiment that offers hope instead of despair. The problem is: it doesn’t seem to last long and I will tell you why.

Just three days removed from the tragedy, a number of other religious extremists have gotten a lot of attention. I refuse to name any of these heartless and God-less people or organizations but it seems that in our defense of the victims and their families, we have the potential to revert back to the same old conversations about “being disgusted,” and “we’ll show them,” and “they should rot in hell.” That is exactly what they want. ¬†They want to quickly re-introduce hate back in to our lives and get us distracted off of the main thing.

Why should any of those who have stood on platforms and “preached” on their elation and the justification of those murdered get ANY play in our lives? Why would we allow any small, insignificant groups to cause us to alter our day so we can attend and counter protest their protest knowing full well that as soon as we add more people to a scene, the news will cover it all the more? Then the volatile scene will go viral and the offending groups will get even more coverage.

Here’s a couple of options if you don’t want to let them in to our world any further:

1. Refuse to click on any articles, videos, or events promoting who these people are, what they have said, or where they will be. Instead, click the little drop down box and mark the post as offensive (because it is that and hateful) and allow Facebook to deal with it.

2. Refuse to even speak their names. Don’t acknowledge them in any way.

3. Talk to your local non-profit organization (church, synagogue, civic organization, etc.) to financially pay for an outside security firm to provide security for the victims’ funerals that could be the target for hateful gatherings of intolerant and Godless people.

4. Contact your local news station and flood them with requests NOT to offer any coverage to the activities of those groups.

5. It may seem like the “right” thing to do, but do not attend any of their gatherings even to counter-protest. Remember, the more people gather and create a volatile situation, the more the media will eat it up. It seems that hate drives huge ratings and sells much faster than love, especially on social media.

So far, our community has been healing slowly due to our outpouring of love and compassion. But that all comes crashing to an abrupt end when we turn our attention to people who have no business taking our attention in the first place. They want to bring hate back in to our community after we have decided that love triumphs over all. Let’s refuse to give in to their bait and continue to focus our love on those who are still reeling from the loss of our neighbors and friends and families.

Let’s get to Sunday and realize that all of the hate-spewing groups got no attention, went home and that we continued to tap in to the love we all desperately want to see displayed in our community for the tough weeks ahead.

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