Chasing Identity

Bruce Jenner. There. Did I just break the Internet?

Social media has been dominated in recent weeks with debates, name calling and mud slinging over Bruce’s decision to become a woman. There are a few things that have been racing through my mind regarding this story.

When it comes to Bruce Jenner or ANY person, there is one thing that is absolutely true: until you know who you are in God’s eyes, you will struggle to figure out who you are in your own.

As a result, we try and we try to chase something or things that we believe will make us feel whole and valuable and give our lives purpose and value. Meanwhile, the vocal world looks on and weighs in with their opinions on our decisions and slams those whose opinions don’t match their own. Why?

ID crisis

The reason we cannot disagree with others without being considered hateful and hate-filled is because we often don’t know ourselves who we really are. As long as our own identities are in flux, we will not find peace or security. In that mode, everything will seem to have the potential to give me value and help me know who I am, yet nothing will truly satisfy that deepest hunger.

Bruce Jenner was born with something lacking. He was not lacking the right gender or the right hormones or the right body type. He was born, just like you and me, with a lack of a connection with the One who created us. But Jesus made a way for us to all be reconnected. And ultimately, God is the only One who can tell us who we are in a way that will truly satisfy our souls.

As for me, my identity is not in my job title, my family role, my education level, my gender, my sexual orientation, my theology, my social status, my body size, my eye color, or my skin color. I am a child of the Most High God; created to know Him and make Him known. I am a new creation where the old has gone and something better has taken its place. I am God’s masterpiece; created in Christ Jesus to do good works that point to Him. I know that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

In knowing that, I never have to chase the mirage of identity that is often rooted in temporary circumstances. And maybe in knowing who we are in God’s eyes, we can help others who are struggling to see themselves the right way too.

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