A New Resource for The Church at Oak Level

Hey TCAOL family!

Okay, so I have been wrestling with some things recently and so far they’ve stayed pretty much trapped in my head.  Until now…

I’m introducing this new blog resource that will come directly from my desk every week or so.  Using this resource will give me a chance to toss ideas out and find ways to encourage you, our church family! 

So to start this thing out right, let me tell you what’s on my mind.  Yesterday I worked a shift at Walt Disney World and had a chance to share the gospel with four different people.  Every single one of them was open to hearing about the difference between Jesus and religion.  Great opportunity…I’m praying for great results.  

One young lady who listened asked me privately, a few minutes later, if I would be willing to pray for her.  I agreed and we had a short conversation about what was happening in her world.  I added her to a prayer list that I keep on my phone.  

Here’s what I know: sharing Jesus with others in a loving, grace-filled way gives people a chance to open up to you.  They may ask you to pray for them.  They could ask where you go to church.  There are incredible things that can happen if we’ll just share.  

Well, there ya go.  An opening salvo as to what’s going on in my crazy mind and how I’d love to see the church become all that God dreams we can be!  I pray this will be a source of encouragement and challenge to you!

Grace and peace. – J


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