Unity, Change, Hope and Other Things People Say to Get Elected

Are you glad the election’s over?  I know I am!  It just gets exhausting to deal with a constant barrage of attack ads, posters, yard signs and t-shirts everywhere you go.  But one thing is certain: this election has revealed something about our nation.  We are as divided now as we have ever been.


Real Change is Not Possible Through Government

Both sides are claiming that the people have sent clear messages to our government for the change they want.  Yet when you go beyond the electoral college votes you see an election separated by only about 3 million votes.  Sounds like a lot, but when you consider that over 110 million people voted it is clear how our nation is divided.

Many are already talking about unity and coming together and working out solutions to change this climate of disharmony.  There’s a problem.  Unity is not possible unless there is someone to unify us.  And that someone will not be a politician.  Our current political system has created a strong sense of competition among the people.  If one party wins, the other loses and vice versa.  And people who are told that they have lost struggle with coming together with the side that “beat them.”

There is only one solution for truly changing a nation.  It is not found in changing behavior or voting practices or even religious affiliations.  Very simply put it is discovering and engaging the God who created us all.  Change is only possible when a person is changed from the inside out.  Unity is only possible when we all get a taste of the freedom that comes from knowing God in a deep and personal way.

The prophet Isaiah gave the people of Israel a warning when it came to seeking God.  “Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near.” – Isaiah 55:6.  This means that we should seek God while He is available.  When God is gently drawing us to Himself we should not resist.  According to Isaiah, there is a time when God can be found.  This implies that there is also a time where He may not be found.

Often we take our pursuit of God for granted thinking that He’ll just be there when we need Him.  Many times we don’t give God a second thought until our world explodes and we find ourselves asking the “why” question or begging Him to get us out of trouble.  Now is the time to pursue God.  While He is near.  While He may be found.  When a nation’s people all begin to move in His direction, change and unity and promise and real hope is not only possible; it is inevitable.


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