3 Breathtaking Views Encouragers See That Others Don’t

Encouragers can change any environment they’re in but it takes having the right viewpoint. Have you ever wondered how some people just see things differently than every one else you’ve been around? It’s like they’re singing from a different sheet of music while the rest of the world is learning dissonance! Encouragers seem to see the world differently than everyone else. So what are they looking at?

Here are three views that encouragers have that others don’t:

1. Encouragers see ministry as a joy and not a burden.

When Barnabas was commissioned to travel from Jerusalem to Antioch to check on a new church (a walk of over 400 miles), he arrived exhausted and worn out but…

23 When he arrived and saw this evidence of God’s blessing, he was filled with joy… (Acts 11:23 NLT)

He had traveled a long way and was likely worn out and put out by the assignment but got there and saw his ministry as a joy.  All too often, we serve others as if it’s a burden on our time and our resources.  What happens is we get so wrapped up in our own world that we disconnect our real lives from the idea of real ministry.  Then when we have the chance to minister to someone else, we groan and moan about it.  Ministry is not a single event or a job that you do or an event that you attend.  Ministry is the outflow of living missionally.  And living missionally is what Jesus has called us to do.

2.  Encouragers see that the position they hold is not the identity they are.

The church in Antioch was growing and Barnabas knew he didn’t have all the tools needed to lead the burgeoning church.  So he called for backup.

26 When he found him, he brought him back to Antioch. (Acts 11:26 NLT)

Our culture is dominated by the idea that, “if I could just reach this status and hold this title or that position, I would be successful.”  We often mistake what we do with who we are.  If you are going to be an encourager, you have to know who you are.  Positions can’t threaten you.  Somebody else holding a position higher than you can’t threaten you.  Someone else getting something you didn’t can’t threaten you.  Who I am is not what I’ve done.

3.  Encouragers see the opportunities out of the obstacles.  

And this sounds so cliche, doesn’t it?  But there is a vital view that encouragers take when they choose to see what could be out of what is.  When Barnabas and Paul faced a coming famine, they saw an opportunity.

…a great famine was coming upon the entire Roman world…29 So the believers in Antioch decided to send relief to the brothers and sisters in Judea… (Acts 11:28-29 NLT)

People who are encouraging others well see something others would deem as an obstacle and take advantage of it.  They use it as a leg up instead of a weight down.  Many people see an obstacle and think, “oh no, here it comes.”  We live defeated lives because we allow obstacles to defeat us and beat us down.  But encouragers say, “nope!  Not today!  You thought you were gonna beat me?  Oh no, I will take advantage of YOU!”

How you see your world is the first step in becoming an encourager that changes the environment around you.  So tell me: what do YOU see?

Pastor J

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