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If you're not a fan of religion, you've come to the right place. We are a church for people who don't want to be "religious." Jesus' most scathing criticism was directed at the religious people of His day. Many people confuse religion and God and end up throwing them both out. But Jesus did not come to make us religious. He came to make us free. Welcome to the Church at Oak Level.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Bring Someone to Oak This Sunday

1.  We are launching our 5th year of ministry together and we’re just getting started! 2.  A brand new series called “BREATHING ROOM” begins and it’s all about de-stressing, decluttering and defusing your life! 3.  There’s a NEW FLOW to our service that you will have to see to believe! 4.  Middle schoolers get their own […]

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When Your Relationships Break

Has someone ever done something or said something that hurt you deeply? When you brought it to that person’s attention, he said something like this: “well, I’m sorry but…” and then proceeded to throw more words at you in an effort to explain why he did what he did? Sin is not ended by multiplying […]

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Let Them Eat Church

It’s tough for a family of five to go out to eat. However, we try to go out to eat on Friday nights when we can. We look for a place that will be kid-friendly, economical and will satisfy our needs. I want good food, good service and good atmosphere and if I don’t get […]

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